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US Army starter army

US Army starter army

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- 36 modelli di fanteria  in plastica

- 1 Trasporto Truppe M3A1 in plastica

- 1 pezzo d'artiglieria da 105 mm in metallo

- 1 mitragliatrice media in metallo

- 1 Mortaio medio in metallo

- 1 carro medio M4Sherman in plastica

- Decalcomanie, basi, opuscolo con istruzioni per la pittura, e segnalini danni carri 


SCALA 28mm

prodotto da assemblare e da dipingere. Colori e colla non forniti.

One of the best-equipped armies in the world at the time, the Americans took on, and beat, their German, Italian and Japanese adversaries.

This boxed set contains a great starting point for a force of US Army troops in uniforms ideal for service in the Mediterranean, Italy, or North West Europe between 1941 and 1945. This starter force has all bases covered - firepower, boots on the ground and speed – providing the perfect core for your GI army. Check your weapons and load up with ammo. America has joined the fight against the Axis – send the boys in!

US Army starter army contains:

  • 36x multi-pose US Army infantry (plastic)
  • 1x M3A1 half-track (plastic)
  • 1x US Army 105mm artillery (metal)
  • 1x US Army MMG team (metal)
  • 1x US Army medium mortar team (metal)
  • 1x M4 Sherman medium tank (plastic)
  • Assembly and painting instructions, full-colour decal sheets, vehicle damage markers & stat cards and plastic bases