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A Song of Ice & Fire: Rose Knight
A Song of Ice & Fire: Rose Knight

A Song of Ice & Fire: Rose Knight

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These highly trained and highly armored men from Highgarden have pledged their loyalty to Renly Barathen, who has allied himself to the Tyrells through marriage and sheer charisma. The Rose Knights have a knack for lasting longer in the battlefield than your opponent expects and will slowly punish anyone that dares stay engaged with them for too long.

Tactical Points

  • With an overall above average stat line, the only thing Rose Knights lack is high mobility.
  • The Perseverance and Valor Ability allows them to restore Wounds every time they Attack, giving them a strong sustain and attrition role.
  • With their Deadly Bloom Ability, Rose Knights deal a Wound every time they heal themselves. Not only does this synergize with their previous ability, but also with all other Healing effects that generally prevail on Renly’s side of the Baratheon Loyalties.
  • Careful when building your lists! Loyalty: Renly Units and Attachments cannot be used in the same list as Loyalty: Stannis ones.