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Dungeons & Lasers:  Hall of Heroes

Dungeons & Lasers: Hall of Heroes

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SCALA 28mm, prodotto da assemblare e da dipingere. Colori e colla non forniti.

La linea DUNGEONS & LASERS presenta dettagliatissime miniature in plastica dura multicomponente con elementi in plastica trasparente. Queste miniature vengono fornite non assemblate e non dipinte. Utilizzabili in Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder e tutti i giochi di ruolo di ambientazione fantasy - 


  • Dungeons and Lasers is an innovative plastic tabletop terrain system based on tiles, scaled for any game with 28-32mm miniatures. Available in both sci-fi and fantasy styles, fully modular design allows you to mix different sets and themes any way you please. Made of hard, durable and richly detailed plastic D&L terrains are designed to be as easy to assemble and rebuild as possible, with no glue required. Stackable architecture and a vast amount of customization bits allow for a unique setting every time you play. Dungeons & Lasers is a constantly expanding range of products that offer fantastic value for money and endless possibilities limited only by imagination.
  • Scale fully compatible with every 32/28mm game in the market.


  • Dungeons & Lasers Hall of Heroes contains:
  • 3x Long Walls, 6x Walls, 3x Doorways, 3x Long Floor Tiles, 3x Floor, 38x Floor Clips, 10x Wall Clips