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A Song of Ice and Fire: PYROMANCERS - Inglese

A Song of Ice and Fire: PYROMANCERS - Inglese

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The Alchemists’ Guild has long guarded the secret of manufacturing Wildfire, and now brings its expertise in service to House Lannister. Wildfire is a green-tinted substance of tremendous explosive power. Fire, heat, or even a hard hit can detonate the substance, and it burns with a green flame until completely consumed. Against such an assault, armor is useless, and even hardened veterans have little defense against the panic sown by such an unanswerable attack. 

The Pyromancer Unit Box brings one of the highest-damaging units to the Lannister army. Utilizing their deadly Wildfire Attack, which disallows Defense Saves of any kind, the Pyromancers are able to obliterate any foe both at range and in melee!


• Completely ignores enemy Defense Saves with their Wildfire attack- both at ranged and in melee!

• While their damage output is unmatched, they cannot last in prolonged fights- Defeat your enemy quickly!

• Make use of Attachments! The Assault Veteran increases their offense even more, while a Guard Captain can mean the difference between Pyromancers surviving a combat.

• Don’t be afraid to charge! While Pyromancers are deadly at range, they are just as deadly in melee as well!